Video campaigns on YouTube

Your ad can be any video uploaded to YouTube. It can be shown before other videos, next to them, during playback, as well as in search results.

Advertising on YouTube, what's the use?


  1. Tell a large audience about the brand.
  2. It covers the most active and interested users.
  3. Tell about the benefits of your offer in another format.

YouTube advertising gives businesses a very cheap contact with the target audience. In terms of coverage, it can be compared with television advertising, but the price for YouTube advertising will save you money on promotion.

The cost of advertising on YouTube

The price of advertising on YouTube is charged for watching the video for more than 30 seconds (TrueView In-Stream). If the user clicks the “Skip” button before 30 seconds have passed, you will have time to deliver your message to the user during it, but such contact will be free for you.

From the practical experience in setting up video advertising, the price per view was even 3 kopecks UAH. If you need to get 1 million views, the price for the video campaign will cost from 30 000 UAH. The price for views depends on the level of competition in the niche.

YouTube advertising setup

  1. To run the video in advertising, you need to upload it to the YouTube channel
  2. To choose target audiences
  3. To set up advertising on some events in users’ lives (video ads only)

And about the numbers “advertising in YouTube”:

42% of online shoppers watch videos before buying
64% of people search for products on YouTube
More than 50% of YouTube video views are on mobile devices

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