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Yandex.Direct is a system of contextual and display advertising from company Yandex. It can be placed in the following formats: text, banner or video.

Advertise in Yandex:

Promotion in Yandex.Direct:

  1. Search advertising direct
  2. YAN (Yandex advertising network)
  3. Remarketing

Advertising for Yandex search

The principle of operation, as in Google, on search queries only in the Yandex search engine.

Direct setup on search services according to campaign type: text and image ads, mobile ads, search banners, dynamic ads. We set up Yandex Direct on search using all extensions for advertising.

Advertising in YAN

The Yandex advertising network places advertisements based on content and user behaviour.

Conversion in such campaigns is much lower. A low conversion rate is compensated by a lower cost-per-click.


We set up retargeting for users who have already interacted with your site but have never placed an order on it.

Yandex Direct setup services

Turnkey Yandex Direct setup

Direct on search setup

YAN setup

Yandex Direct maintenance

Yandex Direct audit

Applications advertising

PPC Order Agency works with companies from around the world. It is very easy to order contextual advertising. Download our brief and fill it in. If you have any questions, write them in the document. You can send a brief into form

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