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Looking for a company to customize contextual advertising in Google and Yandex?
Contextual advertising agency PPC Order is the official partner of Google.
High level of professionalism is confirmed by certificates
in different areas of contextual advertising.

Promotional codes for Google Ads account 2000 UAH, 150 USD, 150 CAD, 3 000 RUB




860 310


9 500 000+


Price for contextual advertising setup and advertising cabinet maintenance


Contextual advertising represents different types of ads (text, image, video), which is shown to users according to their search queries, interests or their behaviour on the Internet. Contextual advertising is displayed in search systems, on various sites, in mobile applications and on other resources. 

We provide such types of advertising:

  1. Search advertising Google Ads
  2. Search advertising Yandex.Direct
  3. Google Ads Banner Advertising
  4. Video advertising on YouTube
  5. Advertising of mobile applications

The cost of contextual advertising includes the price of contextual advertising setup and the advertising budget itself, which you pay in Google or Yandex. 


How much does a contextual advertising setup cost?


There is no fixed price. Everything depends on many factors: 

  • Particularity and competitiveness of merchandise or services in the market
  • Quantity of merchandise or services for the set up in advertising
  • What kind of advertising you need to set up
  • The number of regions where you want to set up advertising
  • And many individual factors for each project.

The price of contextual advertising setup can be adjusted by hourly payment or a fixed fee for a specific amount of work.

We do not have a package payment for services. We use a maximum of keywords when setting up your contextual advertising to lead your target audience to order your product or service.

We provide the customer with access to the advertising account if the account settings are made from scratch. The client will always be able to monitor and see our work.

Cost of contextual advertising services

Campaign settings

price from $200

Optimizing campaigns

$40 /hr

Audit of advertising campaigns


Advice on setting up campaigns

$20 /hr

We will be create web analytic for you

price by appointment

Maintenance accounts Google Ads and Yandex Direct

15% of your price


Additional services that can be ordered separately


  • Remarketing campaign setup and assistance $60+
  • Setup and maintenance of dynamic retargeting campaigns no fixed price
  • Setup and maintenance of mobile application campaigns no fixed price
  • YouTube video advertising setup
  • Setup and maintenance of  campaigns in Gmail no fixed price
  • API campaigns maintenance no fixed price
  • Set up of Google Analytics and its connection to the advertising cabinet of Google Ads $30
  • Setup and tracking of conversion goals in Google Analytics $30+
  • Google Ads and YouTube channel connection $30+
  • No fixed price for services involving advertising setup on Facebook, Instagram no fixed price

We work according to the following scheme of action: We receive the application - We analyze a niche - Prepayment - Advertising setup - Launch of advertising.


How to order contextual advertising?


PPC Order Agency works with companies from around the world. It is very easy to order contextual advertising. Download our brief and fill it in. If you have any questions, write them in the document. You can send a brief to [email protected] or with the help of the contact page. 


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