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Google Ads is contextual and display advertising from Google. It can be placed in the form of text, banner or video.

To make advertising on Google

There are several ways to promote advertising in Google:

Search advertising

Display Network

Video campaigns

Applications advertising

Google Ads search advertising

Users search for something specific on the Internet and enter a query into the search engine. In response, they receive ads relevant to the search keywords. You can recognize search advertising with the text “ads”

According to statistics, the promotion of the site in search networks brings the highest percentage of orders.

For this type of advertising we

  1. select keywords
  2. form lists of negative words
  3. will write unique advertisements in accordance with the USP (Unique Selling Promotion), directing the target audience to the site to place an order
  4. select bids for advertising in the first positions.

When setting up search advertising, we use all extensions: clarifications, additional links, structured descriptions, phone number, address, promotions and links to applications.

Search advertising setup services

Turnkey search campaigns setup

Paid search campaigns optimization

Search campaigns audit

Dynamic search ads campaign setup

Search smart campaigns setup

Shopping campaigns setup

Google Display Network

Internet users see ads when they browse sites or videos on YouTube, check email in Gmail, or use mobile sites and apps. The Display Network allows to attract the attention of buyers at an earlier stage of the cycle before purchase.

Display Network helps to:

  1. Enter the market and make a name for yourself1
  2. Form the demand and bypass competitors2
  3. Increase the visibility and popularity of the website3

We provide services on Display Network setup:

Display Network setup

Gmail campaign setup

Smart Display campaigns setup

Google Ads remarketing setup

We set up remarketing for site visitors who have not made an order.

We use dynamic retargeting for online stores or sites where many products are sold.

You can identify Google Display Network by the words “google ad”.

When setting up Display Network, we exclude children’s content, music, movies, and the other non-business-relevant content.

You can order remarketing services:


Dynamic retargeting

Email remarketing

Video remarketing

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