Objective: Purchase cheap and high-quality video views on YouTube and find an audience for a music video of an aspiring singer.

Actions Taken to Promote the Music Video:

  • Analyzed the singer’s niche
  • Selected an audience matching the music video and music style
  • Excluded irrelevant channels such as children’s platforms, gamers, and other non-relevant channels

The primary goal was to obtain unique contacts from the target audience. Therefore, all audiences that interacted with the video were excluded.

Formats Used for YouTube Video Campaign Setup:

  • Video discovery
  • In-stream

Results of the YouTube Video Campaign:

  • Cost per view: 0.04 UAH
  • Positive comments on the video
  • The In-stream format accounted for 99% of all views
  • Achieved 200,000 unique views of the music video

Summary: After setting up the campaign, we conducted thorough analysis and optimization of the video advertising. Simply setting it up once is not sufficient. Continuous evaluation of placements, audience behaviour, and audience interaction with the video is essential.

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose the name of the client.

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Oksana Tymchuk