Client: Pokupon — discount website
Goal: Solicit partnership inquiries from companies seeking collaboration with Pokupon.
Target Audience: Beauty salons, medical centres, entertainment venues, restaurants—companies providing consumer services (B2C).
Offering: Pocupon’s paid all-inclusive promotion package along with a mini-site.
Advertising Campaign Duration: 12 months.
Lead Generation Channels Utilized: Google и Facebook.

For lead generation, we executed the subsequent activities:

Facebook Ads

  • Created over ten specific target audiences
  • Customized creatives for each audience
  • Tailored unique offers for specific audiences
  • Customized setups for platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Stories
  • Uploaded client databases and created LookALike audiences
  • Launched and scaled advertising campaigns with subsequent optimization
  • Implemented pixel tracking on the landing page
  • Excluded audiences with existing leads

Google Paid Search and Display Ad

  • Launched SEM and Display campaigns
  • Crafted unique ad copies for each keyword group
  • Created customized creatives for diverse audiences
  • Collected a list of negative keywords
  • Excluded audiences with acquired leads

Continuously performed creative testing 

Launched YouTube video ads after eight months, resulting in a notable surge of new leads.

In the first month, we achieved:

  • Cost per lead on Google 39₴, Facebook 37₴
  • Almost 200 leads in total
  • Google contributed 51% of the leads, while Facebook contributed 48%.

During the first four months of audience testing, the cost per lead rose by 40%. Yet, through subsequent optimization, the situation stabilized, reducing the cost per lead by 22% compared to the first month.

In the last month, we achieved:

  • Cost per lead on Google 34₴, Facebook 29₴
  • Over 900 leads.
  • Google contributed to 35% of the leads, and Facebook to 65%

Among social networks, Facebook generated 21% of leads, Instagram 79%.

Average purchase value 7 000₴ 

Ensuring effective communication with Pokupon’s sales team and providing feedback on lead relevance significantly contributed to the success of the advertising campaign. We promptly excluded irrelevant leads and audiences from the advertising campaigns.

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