Founder of the contextual advertising agency PPC Order - Oksana Tymchuk

I’m a certified Google Ads Specialist and my PPC agency has a Google Partners program. I have 10 years of experience in setting up contextual campaigns for such types: search, display network, Gmail, app, remarketing, dynamic remarketing, video, smart, and Pmax.

Trained at Google HQ in Dublin (Ireland), September 2015.

Over 15 years of experience with online projects and Internet marketing leave us no doubt that contextual advertising is the main and most efficient promotion tool on the Internet. – PPC expert Oksana Tymchuk

Contextual advertising agency PPC Order

The PPC Order contextual advertising agency is established with a thorough understanding of all the requirements and trends in the modern advertising landscape. Every investment in advertising is poised to yield returns for your business. Regardless of what you sell or the services you offer, the success of contextual advertising is solely dependent on the intricacies of its setup.

The PPC company has expertise in handling budgets of varying sizes, catering to both large enterprises and small-scale advertisers. We appreciate each client and deliver high-quality services for setting up contextual advertising, ensuring success for both our clients and ourselves.

We also offer freelance services for setting up contextual advertising. We recognize that some companies prefer working independently and seek freelance assistance for their contextual advertising setup. This choice does not compromise the quality of our work.

PPC Order, a contextual advertising agency, specializes in launching ad campaigns across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australian markets.

Contextual advertising services

We provide services for configuring contextual advertising within Google Ads, including ongoing maintenance and optimization of advertising accounts. As a video advertising agency, we specialize in setting up video campaigns on YouTube. New clients will receive a bonus in their Google Ads account.

You will pay only for your target audience.

We’ll assist in making your business easily discoverable online by your customers!

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