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senior ppc specialistHead of the contextual advertising agency PPC Order - Oksana Tymchuk


I’m the certified Google Adwords Specialist and my PPC agency has a Google Partners program. I have seven years of experience in setting up contextual campaigns for such types: search, display network, Gmail, app, remarketing, dynamic remarketing, video.

Trained at Google HQ in Dublin (Ireland), September 2015.

Over 12 years of experience with online projects and internet marketing leave us no doubt that contextual advertising is the main and the most efficient promotion tool on the Internet. - PPC expert Oksana Tymchuk.


Contextual advertising agency PPC Order


The contextual advertising agency PPC Order is set up with taking into account all requirements and tendencies of the modern world of advertising. Any amount invested in advertising will bring profit to your business. No matter what you sell or what services you provide, the effectiveness of contextual advertising depends only on the details of its setup.

PPC company has experience in working with both large ($50+ K per month) and very small  ($200 per month) advertising budgets. We value each of our clients and provide quality services on setting up contextual advertising as well as for ourselves.

We also provide freelance contextual advertising set up services. We understand that not all companies are willing to work with an agency and are often looking for setting up contextual advertising with the help of freelancers. It does not affect the quality of work.

Contextual advertising agency PPC Order specializes in launching advertising campaigns on the markets in Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia and also on CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) markets (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan), Poland and India. 


Contextual advertising services


We offer services on setting up contextual advertising in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct, also maintenance and optimization of advertising accounts. We will set up video campaigns on YouTube since we are a video advertising agency.  All new clients will get a bonus in the Google Ads account.

You will pay only for your target audience.

We will help your customers to find you on the Internet!

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