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Contextual advertising (PPC) is a paid search engine tool which allows you to promote your business to your target audience. The most popular contextual advertising services are Google Ads, Bing, Yandex.Direct. The first sales due to contextual advertising can be achieved immediately after its launch. Formulate the goal of your advertising campaign, and we will help you to choose the right type of advertising campaign and to set the context competently. Trust the settings of contextual advertising to professionals.

The advantages of contextual advertising

Quick launch and results in the first days after the start.

Contextual advertising allows you to quickly make changes and see their results in a short time.

You are in the TOP

In a short time, the ads will be in the TOP of the search engine after the launch of advertising.

Targeting the targeted audience

Your ad will be seen by the audience that is interested in your services or products. If you sell headphones, your ad will be seen by the audience that plans to buy this product. Not the audience that is looking for the place where to repair them.

Payment for the result

You can adjust your advertising budget by yourself. You pay not for showing your ad to your target audience, but for transfer to the site or for a specific action from the target audience.

You can measure efficiency

You can estimate the cost of traffic to the site, measure the conversion, count the number of sold products and the amount of this transaction. You can also predict the advertising budget for the next month.

Why working with Us?


Sales growth by 20% in the first month

Knowledge and the extensive experience in the contextual advertising help to set up ads so that it pays off in the first month of operation.


Fast and high-quality setup

Many years of experience have made it possible to optimize setup processes and perform work in a short time.


We recommend the best tools

We analyze the niche and select the strategy of the advertising campaign according to your goals in accordance with the specifics of your business.


Emphasis on advertisements

We know how to write competitive and attractive ads. We write them for each group of keywords.


Target semantics

We have no restrictions on the number of words. We are guided by the quality rule.


Transparent cooperation

Our clients have access to their advertising office and can track the entire process and see the results.


12 years of working experience.

We have launched advertising campaigns in various niches in the markets of the CIS, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia.


Certified Partner

Our specialists are certified and are partners with Google. Each client receives a bonus for the advertising office.

Our Cases

Boosting conversions by 92% for a Yacht Business in the United Kingdom

The goal of improving high-value lead generation

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35 signed contracts for the Wedding Agency “We Agency” in the first year of working

The goal of the project was to increase leads and sales for the business

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Over 900 leads per month for partnership with Pokupon

Goal: Solicit partnership inquiries from companies seeking collaboration with Pokupon

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